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From an early age he was passionate about family, music and math. In his early twenties, he met and married Lucy, the love of his life. Alfonso decided to study electrical engineering and was fortunate to be part of an exchange student program between the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota and University of Illinois.



Alfonso and Lucy moved back to Colombia where Alfonso began his career as an electrical engineer and they lovingly welcomed their only daughter Ana Patricia. 

Alfonso was an amazing father, husband, mentor, engineer, friend, uncle and boss. He kept his joyous spirit, deep appreciation for the time with loved ones, passion for music and sparkle in his eyes, every day. Even during his last day he played his harmonica beautifully and gave us his abundant love filling our hearts with joy.

Love Lives On…

Some people’s lives give the gifts of kindness and of caring. They sow the seeds of love and friendship.Alfonso’s legacy lives on in those he touched with his affection, wisdom, joy and music. The love he shared lives on in our hearts.  Love is the golden thread that continues to connect us.